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Prescription Drugs Prices

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Posted by Mezigal on 2023-04-03

The United States spends more on prescription drugs on a per capita basis than most other countries do, and costs continue to rise. A RAND study found that prices for prescription drugs in the United States in were percent of those in 32 comparison countries. She uses imagery of bills stacking up to illustrate the reality of drug prices.

Prescription drug prices have risen % since the start of the pandemic | Healthcare Finance News

For the same brand-name pill, the U. And while this likely plays a central role in driving higher U. To fill this gap, RAND researchers examined prescription drug volume and price data to compare U. Another study considered the effects of using drug prices in other countries to help set U. Prices for prescription drugs in the United States in were percent of those in 32 comparison countries.

The RAND analysis is based on data and provides the most up-to-date estimates of how much higher drug prices are in the United States as compared to other countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Researchers calculated price indexes under a wide range of methodological decisions. While some sensitivity analyses lowered the differences between U. The analysis used manufacturer prices for drugs because net prices—that is, the prices ultimately paid for drugs after negotiated rebates and other discounts are applied—are not systematically available.

Even after adjusting U. The study found that among G7 nations, the United Kingdom, France, and Italy generally have the lowest prescription drug prices, while Canada, Germany, and Japan tend to have higher prices.

Prescription Drugs | Health Policy Institute | Georgetown University

Although several prior studies compared drug prices in the United States with those in other countries, the most recent of these studies used data that are almost a decade old. The data include most prescription drugs sold in the United States and comparison countries.

Researchers deugs that conducting such comparisons requires a variety of decisions and assumptions to calculate price indexes.

The United States had consistently higher drug prices regardless of how the researchers calculated price indexes and treated outliers in the data.

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